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Short-Pulse Laser-Based System for Detection of Tumors: Administration of Gold Nanoparticles Enhances Contrast

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K. Mitra

Department of Mechanical &
Aerospace Engineering,
Florida Institute of Technology,
Melbourne, FL 32901

M. S. Grace

Department of Biological Sciences,
Florida Institute of Technology,
Melbourne, FL 32901

Manuscript received January 26, 2012; final manuscript received July 12, 2012; published online September 24, 2012. Assoc. Editor: Henry Hess.

J. Nanotechnol. Eng. Med 3(2), 021002 (Sep 24, 2012) (6 pages) doi:10.1115/1.4007245 History: Received January 26, 2012; Revised July 12, 2012

The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the use of gold nanoparticles, which accumulate in tumors due to the leakiness of tumor vasculature, as contrast agents for enhanced imaging in a time-resolved optical tomography system using short-pulse lasers for skin cancer detection in mouse model. It is found that intravenously administrated spherical gold nanoparticles broadened the temporal profile of reflected optical signals and enhanced the contrast between surrounding normal tissue and tumors. These results show that gold nanoparticles tuned to the wavelength of the laser can enhance the resolution and precision of laser-based cancer detection system.

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Fig. 3

Comparison of normalized contrast reflected intensity from live anesthetized mice with different injected mixtures of India ink or gold nanoparticles (7.2 × 1010 nanoparticles/ml in 50 μl PBS)

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Fig. 2

Temporal broadening of the reflected signal in live anesthetized healthy mouse for different nanoparticle concentrations. Error bars represent total uncertainty (the product of precision index and standard deviation [42]).

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Fig. 1

Schematic of the (a) experimental setup, (b) scanning technique, and (c) a cross section of the excitation-collector probe

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Fig. 4

Temporal broadening of the reflected signals in live anesthetized tumor-mouse after intravenously injection with gold nanoparticles (1.6 × 1012 nanoparticles in 150 μl PBS)

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Fig. 5

Comparison of (a) normalized temporal reflected intensity, and (b) contrast reflected signal intensity in live anesthetized tumorous-mice and anesthetized tumorous mouse injected intravenously with different concentrations of gold nanoparticles at 3 HPI

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Fig. 6

Pixel representation of the reflected signals for (a) an anesthetized mouse with tumor, and (b) an anesthetized mouse with tumor injected intravenously with gold nanoparticles. 3D distribution of the reflected intensity for (c) an anesthetized mouse with tumor, and (d) an anesthetized mouse with tumor injected intravenously with gold nanoparticles.



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