Numerical study on the combustion chemical reaction of biodiesel fuel for the improvement of compression ignition combustion performance was studied in this work. The constant volume closed homogeneous reactor model was applied, at the same time, analysis conditions were set to 700∼900K of ambient temperature, and 15atm of ambient pressure. Also, the equivalence ratio was changed from 0.5 to 1.4 under the various mixing ratio, respectively. The results of analysis were compared in terms of ignition delay, combustion temperature, combustion pressure, NOx and CO emissions. Also, the total mass and the mass densities of the reactants were compared in the constant volume chamber. It was revealed that the value of ignition delay became shorter and combustion temperature and pressure were increased under the rich combustion conditions (Φ > 1.0). Furthermore, the CO emission was decreased under the lean combustion conditions (1.0 > Φ). Maximum value of NOx emission was observed when the equivalence ratio was 0.8 condition since the nitrogen and oxygen chemical reactions became actively than other cases.

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