The diffusion of radioactive material in the atmosphere is vital for environmental assessment. Many researches have focused on the diffusion and deposition outside the construction, whereas less attention was paid on the law of the diffusion from the outside into the room. In this paper, three-dimensional numerical simulation was carried out by using OpenFOAM, an open source software for CFD. The incompressible steady flow around the construction with opening windows was investigated. The influence of inflow wind velocity and windows distribution was considered. The results show that as the inflow wind velocity increases, the diffusion is more significant. The vortexes is related to the windows distribution. When windows are perpendicular to the direction of the inflow wind, the concentration inside the construction is higher than that outside. Besides, the radioactive material gathers in the vicinity of the indoor downstream wall. When windows are parallel to the direction of the inflow wind, the concentration of indoors and outdoors is opposite, and the indoor radioactive material is distributed evenly. This study can provide theoretical support for the emergency evacuation around the construction.

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