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Most Accessed Papers in 2019

This virtual issue contains the most accessed papers (downloads + views) in 2019 for each of the titles making up the ASME Journal Program.

Applied Mechanics Reviews
Mechanical Properties of Female Reproductive Organs and Supporting Connective Tissues: A Review of the Current State of Knowledge
Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh, Jeffrey McGuire, Ting Tan, Raffaella De Vita

Journal of Applied Mechanics

Three-Dimensional-Printed Multistable Mechanical Metamaterials With a Deterministic Deformation Sequence
Kaikai Che, Chao Yuan, Jiangtao Wu, H. Jerry Qi, Julien Meaud

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Kinesin and Dynein Mechanics: Measurement Methods and Research Applications
Zachary Abraham , Emma Hawley , Daniel Hayosh , Victoria A. Webster-Wood , Ozan Akkus

Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics

Railway Air Brake Model and Parallel Computing Scheme
Qing Wu, Colin Cole, Maksym Spiryagi , Yucang Wang, Weihua Ma, Chongfeng Wei

Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering

A Review of the Capabilities of Current Low-Cost Virtual Reality Technology and Its Potential to Enhance the Design Process
Joshua Q. Coburn, Ian Freeman, John L. Salmon

Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Electromechanical Modeling and Adaptive Feedforward Control of a Self-Sensing Scanning Fiber Endoscope
Ivan L. Yeoh, Per G. Reinhall, Martin C. Berg, Howard J. Chizeck, Eric J. Seibe

Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

State of the Art and Future Research Needs for Multiscale Analysis of Li-Ion Cells
K. Shah, N. Balsara, S. Banerjee, M. Chintapalli, A. P. Cocco, W. K. S. Chiu, I. Lahiri, S. Martha, A. Mistry, P. P. Mukherjee, V. Ramadesigan, C. S. Sharma, V. R. Subramanian, S. Mitra, A. Jain

Journal of Electronic Packaging

Recent Advances and New Trends in Flip Chip Technology
John H. Lau

Journal of Energy Resources Technology

Experimental Study and Simulation of a Small-Scale Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine
Randall S. Jackson, Ryoichi Amano

Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

Turbomachine Design for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Within the Project
Alexander Hacks, Sebastian Schuster, Hans Josef Dohmen, Friedrich-Karl Benra, Dieter Brillert

Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology

Enhanced Coarse-Graining of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer for Multiscale Modeling
Md Salah Uddin, Jaehyung Ju

Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

Design of a Novel Electrode of Radiofrequency Ablation for Large Tumors: A Finite Element Study
Zheng Fang, Bing Zhang, Michael Moser, Edwin Zhang, Wenjun Zhang

Journal of Fluids Engineering

Recent Advances in Physics of Fluid Parametric Sloshing and Related Problems
Raouf A. Ibrahim

Journal of Heat Transfer

75 Years of Progress: A History of the ASME Heat Transfer Division
W. J. Marner

Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

A Comparative Study on Machine Learning Algorithms for Smart Manufacturing: Tool Wear Prediction Using Random Forests
Dazhong Wu, Connor Jennings, Janis Terpenny, Robert X. Gao, Soundar Kumara

Journal of Mechanical Design

Nine Principles for Design for the Developing World as Derived From the Engineering Literature
Christopher A. Mattson, Amy E. Wood

Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics

Kinematics of Origami Structures With Smooth Folds
Edwin A. Peraza Hernandez, Darren J. Hartl, Dimitris C. Lagoudas

Journal of Medical Devices
Hydraulic Robotic Surgical Tool Changing Manipulator
Abolfazl Pourghodrat, Carl A. Nelson, Dmitry Oleynikov

Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing

Improving Surface Hydrophobicity by Microrolling-Based Texturing
Man-Kwan Ng, Ishan Saxena, Kornel F. Ehmann, Jian Cao

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems

Nondestructive Evaluation of Porosity Content in the Curved Corner Section of Composite Laminates Using Focused Ultrasonic Waves
Takuma Okahara, Shiro Biwa, Akira Kuraishi

Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

Nuclear Power as a Basis for Future Electricity Generation
I. Pioro, R. Duffey

Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering

Model Test of a 1:8-Scale Floating Wind Turbine Offshore in the Gulf of Maine
Anthony M. Viselli, Andrew J. Goupee, Habib J. Dagher

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Plain and Gouged Dents in Steel Pipes Subjected to Pressure and Moment Loading
J. BÅ‚achut, I. B. Iflefel

ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering

The Application of Downhole Vibration Factor in Drilling Tool Reliability Big Data Analytics—A Review
Yali Re, Ning Wang, Jinwei Jiang, Junxiao Zhu, Gangbing Song, Xuemin Chen

Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Solar Thermochemical Water-Splitting Ferrite-Cycle Heat Engines
Richard B. Diver, James E. Miller, Mark D. Allendorf, Nathan P. Siegel, Roy E. Hogan

Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications

Recent Advances in High-Flux, Two-Phase Thermal Management
Issam Mudawar

Journal of Tribology

Extended Hertz Theory of Contact Mechanics for Case-Hardened Steels With Implications for Bearing Fatigue Life
Nikhil D. Londhe, Nagaraj K. Arakere, Ghatu Subhash

Journal of Turbomachinery

The Role of Tip Leakage Flow in Spike-Type Rotating Stall Inception
M. Hewkin-Smith, G. Pullan, S. D. Grimshaw, E. M. Greitzer, Z. S. Spakovszky

Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Why Do Verification and Validation?
Kenneth T. Hu, Thomas L. Paez

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics

Transverse Vibrations and Stability of Axially Traveling Sandwich Beam With Soft Core
Xiao-Dong Yang, Wei Zhang, Li-Qun Chen

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